Rail Transport Management System Covenant
This software, which is used by most transportation companies, can solve the management and expertise requirements of the companies in such a way that the main operations will be managed by this software, as well as many specialized features in the form of software  and modular products can be added. It’s worth mentioning that Covenant software generally has the ability to execute its own processes, the ability to issue an accounting document, provide Excel and PDF output from reports, and many other specialized and operational features.
One of the features of this software is the presence of the specialized sections of the system administrator, basic information, operations, tools, reports and systems, the numerous and varied reports of this software such as performance and wagon cards, billing reports, billing process owner Goods, agency reports, railways reports, management reports, control reports, trade reports, shipping charts, etc., each of which contains subcategories of the main topics, is to meet the needs of the experts and managers of rail transport companies, some of which The most important features of the Comprehensive Rail Transportation Software are:

*The use of the program as a network and without limitation in the number of users using the software and the ability to exploit the specialized units independently and efficiently from the system (management, operation, commerce, traffic, financial, etc.)
* The existence of basic information such as wagon information, portable goods, customers, container information, etc. with the possibility of making necessary edits, such as a comprehensive and accessible manual.
* Possibility to receive bill of lading information from the Railway website
*  Ability to backup manually and automatically to maintain information

*Possibility to edit batch sheets in a group (with which they can apply changes to a bill of lading in accordance with special procedures) on billboards with the desired feature and with a full history record.
*   ۱۵-day reports, daily loads – daily discharges – bills of the owner of the goods – the case of carriage of goods – the wagon card and many special reports, unique and special
* Income and transportation costs and contracts, bills and related reports
*   Possibility to prepare charts related to different statistics of company operations
*  Possibility to issue an accounting document and send it as a temporary document to the accounting software.
*  Possibility to send reports to railways and other companies
*  Reports categorized operationally

 * Includes reports classified as Wagon, Bill of Lading, Container, Invoice, Invoice, 15-Day, Statistical, Graphing, Other Companies
*   Reports of repair and repair wagons, wagon card, average of each wagon’s bills, basic repair carriages, used and unused carriages statistics
*  Detailed Container Reports, Containers, No Income Details, Bill of Lading for each Container, Product Group, Customer Group and …
*  Detailed bulk mail reports, discontinued drafts, bills of lading issued close to you, bill of lading waste cycle cycles, daily operation, monthly performance
*  The reports are grouped according to the branches and dealers statistically and thoroughly
*  Bill of Bills Issued – Bill of Invoice
* Container’s Additional Reports – Company Contracts – General Automobile – General Supplement
And many other efficient and operational features are some of the features of this software.