Goal’s description

The production of software for Iran’s IRTA Rail Transport Automation will be a good ground for achieving the company’s goal of becoming the largest and most popular transportation software company and the most renowned collection of support services for rail transport companies. And achieving a modern, efficient and professional environment to provide highly specialized products, training and services for transport companies and individuals and experts and managers to use the latest and most efficient facilities of the world, especially in line with the industry situation in Iran and the Middle East. During the mid-term planning (5 years old) The first phase of all software required in this section is provided in Persian, English, Russian and Arabic. With the ability to create Data Center, it is possible to provide specialized services and provide operational statistics for senior experts and owners of transportation companies.
By integrating and executing these operations and creating software products, which are over 40 software independent and fully interconnected, it is possible to provide unique services to railways, railway transport companies and Owners of goods and other related organizations will be provided and the establishment of a training center along with the development of the company, conditions for the promotion of the scientific and practical level of transport experts and users of companies and finally the possibility of converting the railway transportation training center to the university The scientific application will provide rail transport and thus reduce the distance between operational managers and the scientific community. It will be provided by the Ministry of Transportation, and this will result in the return of all shipping companies to the company to exploit the specialized products and services, thus concentrating these facilities, which will cause costs to be reduced among different shipping companies. And the owners of the goods, thereby reducing the cost of services for contracting companies and the continuation and increase of revenue for the company and the provision of special value added services.

Service development

› Exclusively and efficiently pay for transport fares in the accelerated network

A targeted solution to pay for accelerated transport fares, which is currently in the executive phase, and the strategic plan of this company, is accelerating the level of cooperation with all banks.

› Mobile application and smart devices in the field of rail transport management

The Fleet Management and Cargo Handling Application is a good place for managers and users of shipping companies to easily access their reports and meet their needs.

Mission statement

* Providing specialized services to transportation companies (Railway-Road-Air-Marine), Logistics and Supply Chain

* The exploitation of modern technology based on cloud computing services and block-based platforms

* Providing specialized services to the public sector for the supervision and management of transportation and improving the quality of service delivery to the industry

* Provide intelligent software and hardware solutions in the form of intelligent, expert and expert consultants

* Earning money through providing specialized services based on technology-based income models based on the Ocean Strategy

* Designing and manufacturing of specialized transportation software and providing integrated software solutions for transportation

* Provision of specialized services to owners of large commodities (mines – refineries – petrochemicals – automobile and …) and other industry players

* Helping improve livelihoods for drivers through free financial services and information

* Helping to improve productivity of country’s industries by reducing shipping costs and improving service quality

* Provide appropriate services to company’s specialist human capital and evaluate and continuously improve them

* As a member of the community, we know our duty to build a bridge to a better transportation from our expertise and others

* Let’s transform the culture of software delivery into transportation.


We want in the next two years,

To be the most original and most specialized

Service Provider

in transportation

(Rail – sea – air and road)

Domestic and international goods

In Iran and the Middle East